For The Lovers of Creative Style That's Authentic and Rising

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We are so ecstatic that you have shown interest in us! Our company L.O.C.S.T.A.R is for those Lovers of Creative Style That's Authentic and Rising- creative's, artists and the like who can appreciate genuine and bona fide wearable statement pieces that evoke pride, start conversations and demand attention.

What is so great about L.O.C.S.T.A.R (besides the name 😁) is that NOT ONLY do we print high quality items on premium quality materials BUT some of our items are visions from our customers! Our customers love to send us their creative ideas for future items on the site. If you have an item idea that you would like to submit please email locstarlove@yahoo.com . If chosen -1. The item will be named after you 2. You will receive the idea you envisioned 3. A $25 Visa Giftcard

Man I love this T...naww it's more than a T-shirt. It feels like luxury and I love the fit. The attention I get when I have it on definitely has a brother feeling like a celebrity. This is a for sure "take to the cleaners" type Tee.

Remon Tuck

Radio Personality, Author, Teacher



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